Speed Cover 2 pack red FREE !!!

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Speed Bar cover

Elastic Fabric

Included : 2x speed cover RED

Only 1 pair for one order ! 

Pay only 5 euro shipping cost to anywhere in the world ! 

44 reviews for Speed Cover 2 pack red FREE !!!

  1. Marko

    Good packing, fast shipping.

  2. Anonymous

    Great help to avoid that your speedsystem gets unhooked.

  3. Simionca Adrian Florin

    Very glad, I’m so proud of this product! Great job TryFly!! Thanks a lot! Awesome!

  4. Dario D.

    very useful

  5. Ales M.

    Nice looking equipment.

  6. Nejc Ribic


  7. Martina Jurišičová

  8. JERNEJ F.

    Excellent stuff easy to use.

  9. Sauro Salvucci


    Image #1 from Sauro Salvucci
    Image #2 from Sauro Salvucci
  10. Vasiliniuc D.

    very good!

  11. Igor

    Very useful thing

    Image #1 from Igor
  12. Marco S.


  13. Baches Lavinia Alina

    I am satisfied with your product

  14. Anonymous

    Nice small piece, but functionally. I don’t have to worry about loosen speed bar connection anymore.

  15. Manuel

    simple tool, does exactly what it is supposed to

  16. Juan Carlos P.

    Útil y económico

  17. Stefano Z.

    Does the job exactly as it says on the tin!

  18. darren shepherd

    whats not to like , keep them on the wing side of the brumel hook and when you conect you just pull the sleeve over, and they where free

  19. Achim P.

    Danke für das Geschenk

  20. Federico


  21. Cristian U.

    It does what it says, it’s a good safety against accidental unclip of speed hooks.

  22. MAKOTO T.

    Thank you for your service.

  23. Livory

  24. Vincent

  25. Cristian Ursu

  26. Anonymous

  27. Anonymous

    Perfect and in time


    Exelent thank you very mutch

  29. Faris

    nice, I neede these my right speed bar mailon always tend to disconenct

  30. Anonymous

  31. Reinis Eliass

    I am very satisfied with the product.

  32. Ivica B.

    Nice gift.


  34. Paraliste Laurentiu

  35. Lukasz K.

    Nice protection for securing speed system hooks.

  36. Jan

  37. Reinhard B.

  38. Alexandre B.

    A real MUST-HAVE!!! Simple but effective, you don’t have to worry about having someting tangled, it’s always straight and safely connected, I don’t understand why every pilot use them, it cost nearly nothing and it can protect you from very bad situations so why won’t you use it?!!?

  39. Alexandre B.

    A real MUST-HAVE!!!

  40. vaclav thor

    Super good quality fast delivered, like all you products guys.

  41. Antonio José

  42. Markus Ploskonka

  43. jhonata berardi

    all wings producers should install it on new wings

  44. Marbach L.

    Simple et très pratique

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