TryFly Concertina BAG – 3 sizes

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Perfect and Ultralight Compress Bag



if you want personalized bag, please send it to us in size 43x63cm (size S/M) or 56x76cm (size L) in high quality. To the email after placing the order









Production/Shipping time about 3-14 days

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S, M, L

23 reviews for TryFly Concertina BAG – 3 sizes

  1. Ronald B.

  2. Oskar Basterretxea Cano

    the perfect item, as expected, thank you very much.

  3. Anja

    Just can say perfect

  4. Trond S.

    Great product. Wish there where a size between the medium and the large model only.

    • Jarek

      New Compression Bag V2 comming soon 🙂

  5. Nathan Venn

  6. Luc

    Produit de bonne qualité-prix

  7. Péter Horvàth



    Très bon produit. Les détails sur le site permettent de faire son choix correctement. Convient parfaitement à mon aile de 28m2… Protège parfaitement.

  9. Krisztián

    I bought an M-sized hen for the glider. Flow Fusion M. Just the size. I think it would be practical to put another patented belt on it where the zip lock touches. Kris.

    Image #1 from Krisztián
  10. Beat BOLLINGER

    Un produit très bien conçus et la finition est parfaite. Très pratique pour plier sa voile et prendre soin dès son bord d attaque. La compression permet de ranger sa voile en un petit volume.

  11. Tobosaru F.

    Very satisfied!

    Image #1 from Tobosaru F.
  12. Matteo G.

    Un oggetto non proprio economico ma fatto su ordinazione in maniera impeccabile. Bello da vedere e perfettamente funzionale. Un pò lunghi i tempi di attesa, ma ritengo normali per un prodotto “non a magazzino”.

  13. René

    nice and fast help

  14. yanis achir

    J’aime beaucoup ce produit

  15. Edgar Santos

    Muito prático e eficaz

  16. david b.

    It’s perfect for my paraglide. It’s easy to put inside. The Materials are very good.

  17. Anonymous

  18. Daniele

    Excellent solution for folding the paraglider

  19. Anonymous


  20. Jan

  21. Graham Rowlands

    Exceptionally good

  22. Jitender Singh

    Awesome product. Now my glider bag is light and compact. I hope the Aztec sun god will make smooth and strong thermals 🙂

    Image #1 from Jitender Singh
  23. jhonata berardi

    fast and easy to use, and soooooo stilish

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