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Tryfly debunks the myths

Tryfly Thermo active

Thermo active underwear is very popular not only among athletes, but also among representatives of many professions. There are many myths about this type of clothing. Today we debunk some of the most popular of them.

MYTH 1. Thermo active clothing is only used in winter and on cold days

Thermoactive clothes can be worn all year round. Thanks to which they are perfect for spring, summer, as well as autumn and winter. Thermoactive clothing provides thermal comfort as well as effective moisture management, and thus comfort and convenience. On cold and rainy days, thermoactive underwear should be worn with another layer of clothing, adapted to the weather conditions outside. In turn, in the summer, T-shirts can be worn alone.

MYTH 2. Thermoactive underwear prevents sweating

Unfortunately, thermoactive underwear does not have such powers. However, thanks to its special structure, it perfectly wicks sweat (moisture) away, thanks to which it ensures dryness and exceptional wearing comfort. This property makes thermoactive clothing one of the most-chosen types of clothing for physical activity. In addition, TRYFLY add to our products, i.a. silver ions, which prevent the formation of unpleasant odors.

Thermo active

MYTH 3. Thermoactive clothing, fitted to the body, restricts movement and is uncomfortable

Nothing could be more wrong. Thermoactive shirts, in order to best fulfill their main task, which is to carry moisture outside, should adhere to the skin. Modern sewing methods provide incredible comfort in wearing such garments that behave almost like a second skin. Thermoactive underwear, well-matched to the size, does not restrict movement, is flexible and adapts to the exercising person.
When choosing thermoactive clothing, it is extremely important not only its size, but also the material and its quality. The TRYFLY offers thermoactive clothes made of the highest quality yarn, sewn with attention to the smallest details.

We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of the TRYFLY brand.

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Tryfly Thermo active


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