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Speedarm EVO: A New Era of Comfort

Speedarm EVO: A New Era of Comfort and Performance for Paragliders

In the realm of paragliding, selecting the right equipment is crucial for achieving the perfect flight. We proudly introduce our latest innovation – Speedarm EVO, modern zippered harnesses that not only revolutionize comfort but also bring unique functional solutions to the table. Discover why Speedarm EVO is becoming an indispensable part of equipment for enthusiasts of free-flying.

Windproof Material for Protection and Flight Dynamics

Speedarm EVO is not just a harness; it’s a true engineering feat for paragliding enthusiasts. Its front section is crafted from a unique windproof material, providing effective protection against the wind while enhancing aerodynamics during flight. Experience smoother and more controlled maneuvers, all while enjoying insulation from the chill at higher altitudes.

Practical Pockets for Convenience and Functionality

Speedarm EVO isn’t just about flight comfort; it’s also about practicality at your fingertips. The front section is equipped with two transverse pockets, one of which is secured with a robust zipper. Perfect for storing essential items during flight, they ensure easy access whenever you need them.

Color Palette Tailored to Your Flight Style

Speedarm EVO doesn’t just offer excellent functionality; it’s a style statement. The color palette is carefully matched to most paragliding wings worldwide, allowing for a cohesive and aesthetic match with the rest of your equipment. Moreover, there’s the option for full customization of the color scheme, allowing your gear to reflect your unique aesthetic.


Match the Speedarm to Your WING

  • Windstop fabric in front NEW
  • Zipper pocket on the front (optional) NEW
  • A new type of collar NEW
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Breathability
  • Freedom of movement
  • Quick drying
  • Thumb hole
  • Possibility of personalization

Unmatched Color Configuration

As a paragliding enthusiast, you deserve full control over the appearance of your gear. Therefore, Speedarm EVO allows for complete color configuration. Choose color combinations that best reflect your preferences and style, making your outfit a true expression of your individuality.

Order Today – Elevate Your Flight with Speedarm EVO!

Initiate a new era of comfort and performance in paragliding with Speedarm EVO from Tryfly. Order today and experience comprehensive control over your equipment, all while emphasizing your unique style in the skies. Discover why Speedarm EVO is becoming the top choice for free-flying enthusiasts worldwide.

Revolutionize Your Flight with Tryfly Speedarm EVO – Your Own Space in the Skys.

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  • Sale!

    Speedarm EVO – SIZE S

    Original price was: 73.00 €.Current price is: 58.00 €.
  • Sale!

    Speedarm EVO -Size M with front pockets

    Original price was: 83.00 €.Current price is: 63.00 €.
  • Sale!

    Speedarm EVO SIZE S

    Original price was: 73.00 €.Current price is: 54.00 €.
  • Speedarm EVO

    73.00 83.00 
  • Speedarm EVO

    73.00 83.00 
  • Speedarm EVO

    73.00 83.00 
  • Speedarm EVO

    73.00 83.00 
  • Speedarm EVO

    73.00 83.00 

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