1.1.     TryFly Vol Biv competitions are the type of Vol Biv global competitions consisting in overcoming the longest possible route by marching/walking/hiking and paragliding.

    1.2 To promote our great sport, we believe that all our users will follow Fair Play rules.
    1.3  Date of the competition : 01st April –  30th September 2019 
    1.4 Any pilot with appropriate paragliding licence may participate in TFVB.
    1.5 Registration on the website is required
    1.6 Registering a player on our site means permission to process and collect  personal data and publish achievements in our site and Fan Page on Facebook.


    2.1 Individual pilots can only take part in the competition by marching/walking/ hiking and flying.
    2.2 The pilot is obliged to have compulsory equipment: paraglider, rescue parachute, harness, helmet, GPS device with tracklog record function.
    2.3 It is forbidden to use any public transport (bus, rail, tram, ski-lifts, paragliding- lifts, car, motorcycle, bike, etc.)


    3.1. The place and time of starting point of a participant’s route is optional

    3.2. The starting point must be located no more than 150 m from the end of the previous finishing point.

    3.3 The pilot may have an unlimited number of routes open at various locations around the world.

    3.4 The correct route must consist of minimum 3 episodes, eg. hiking-flying-marching or flying-walking-flying. In the initial phase (3 episodes), the march cannot be shorter than 3 km. Only then the route is classified into the general score.

    3.5. The pilot decides about the duration of a particular route and  the return to it.

    3.6 In the final classification, a minimum of 30% of the route must be based on paragliding . If  not , the route will be shortened to 30% of the flight.

    3.7 All routes done before registration in the competition will not be classified in the general score.


    4.1 The total route of a given participant will be the sum of all episodes 1: 1 meaning : 1 km = 1 point

    4.2 During the race, additional bonus points will be given for each bivouac within 200 m from the turning point on the route – 1 bivouac / night = 5 points

    4.3 During the camping / other accommodation, photographic documentation should be created with a photo of camping after sunset and next after sunrise and a 20-minute tracklog from the campsite. If your smartphone has a photo location function, the tracklog will not be needed.

    4.4. Another bonus is given to pilots who will have 100km in one flight, then the score is 1.2 points for 1km

    4.5 During the competition, you can edit your route episode only twice

    4.6. The distance traveled on the paraglider is counted as the distance in a straight line between the place of takeoff and the closing of the entry / landing!

    4.7. The distance traveled on foot is calculated according to the route from GPS Tracklog.

    4.8 Soaring flight is not classified in the general score

    4.9 Continuity of recording must be maintained in all tracks

    THE participant who will score the most points willl be  the winner of the TFVB 


    5.1. Tracks from the episodes of the route should be reported in the form of a link sent to the Xcontest platform, garmin, endomondo, etc. chosen by the pilot. The user profile on the platform should be compatible with the person registering in our competition. The links should be sent to us by email:

    5.2. Tracks should be reported within 7 days from the implementation date

    5.3 Tracks with errors will not be taken into consideration.

    5.4 The pilot is required to store backup copies of the original tracks.


    6.1 Responsibility for the execution of the route in competition rests entirely on the participant.

    6.2 Paraglider flights must be carried out in accordance with the place of flight aviation legislation 
    6.3 Bivouac should be made with respect for the laws of nature and good manners.

    6.4. The TryFly organizer is not responsible for errors or accidents during competition routes.

    6.5 The judges in the competition are: Jarosław Jagiellicz, Michał Gliński, Barbara Badura and Maciej Kuźnicki

    6.6. The organizer reserves the right to introduce significant changes to the competition policy


    7.1 Share your photos and  videos on our fanpage on facebook with hashtag # TFVB2019

    7.2 Remember! Integration and having great fun are the clues of  this competition!